Nelspruit MultiFranchise - Seized Sorento's engine after keeping it for 4 months

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I handed my Kia Sorento in at Nelspruit Multifranchise at the end of August 2010 as it was making a noise in the engine.It was diagnosed as being a fault with the rockers, new ones were ordered and delivered after 3 weeks (as new parts arrive by ship, not air).

These were installed and it was found that there was also a problem with the timing belt (same delivery story). During the installation of the timing belt the technician damaged the valves/cylinders which then had to go to an engineering company. After this had all been done the car was taken for a test drive (by Kia) and the engine seized. This happened in the beginning of December 2010.

My warranty covers R20000 which was enough for the initial diagnosis. I was then given an additional account of R70 000 for a new or repaired engine. Since then this price has been reduced to R20 000 for bits and pieces to fix the seized engine (which I do not have). Apparently it is not the dealers fault as it was the big end bearing that caused the damage, but I have subsequently found out that had they done a compression test they would have picked up this problem right at the beginning.

Why should I have to pay any extra at all for a misdiagnosis? I have had the inconvenience of not having a car for nearly 6 months now.

I have sent e mails to Bronwyn at head office, who has not once replied to me but merely forwarded my e mails to Herman who I have been dealing with since August.PLEASE can somebody help me!!!!!

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Hi Sue,

Please contact me at or 082 440 2504. I have a simmilar experience with that same dealership. I am going to take them with full force.

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